​Yoga Tips

• Bring a yoga mat and towel.
• Practice yoga on an empty stomach.
• Wear clothing that is comfortable; that you can move, stretch, and sweat in.
• Please refrain from wearing strong perfumes or scents.
• Practice Saucha (purity/cleanliness) when coming to class.
• Drink plenty of water before and after class.
• Come with a friend and have fun!

Please note: All Power Yoga classes are heated to a minimum of 90 degrees. Gentle, Restorative, Yin and Intro classes are not heated. 

Yoga Etiquette

• Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early to give yourself time to sign in and get yourself situated before the class begins.* Doors will be locked promptly at the time the class is scheduled to start. During the summer months (July-September) arriving early is the only way to ensure getting a spot in class even if you sign up online in advance! During these months, it is first come, first served. 

• Leave all personal belongings outside of the studio (along with your shoes). For your safety and peace of mind, the front door will be locked while class is in session. Power Yoga Of Cape Cod is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  

• Please turn off your cell phone before entering into class.

• Please respect your fellow yogis by entering the studio quietly.

• Please be sure to make room for other students as they arrive.  Our summer classes especially get very busy, and we all love to practice together!

• Gather all the props you know you will need for your practice and place them neatly next to your mat.  Please leave whatever belongings you don't need for your practice in a cubby in the lobby. 

• Plan to stay for the duration of the class. Do not make it a habit to arrive to class late or to leave the class early. Plan on being there for the full length of time. Make that commitment for yourself and your fellow practitioners!

Yoga Classes and Memberships

• All monthly unlimited memberships and class cards may only be extended for medical reasons.

• Workshops, Intro Series I and II, and special classes are not included in memberships.

• Class Cards can be shared with only one other family member or friend.  This applies only to class cards, not unlimited memberships. (Unlimited memberships cannot be shared.) 

• Be sure to check the expiration dates of the class cards before you purchase one, to be sure you will be able to use the classes up in the time frame given. 

Retreat Refund/Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment is due in full 30 days prior to the start of the retreat. If you cancel 30 days or more prior to the start date, you will be issued a refund less a $150 non-refundable deposit. There are no refunds, no transfers, or credits for cancellations within 30 days of the retreat. No refunds or credits for failure to attend or failure to complete the retreat.

Class or Event Cancellation/Date Change Policy 

Power Yoga Of Cape Cod reserves the right to cancel or change the date of any class, workshop, or retreat. We will do our best to notify participants in a timely manner if this occurs. We will post any changes in the schedule due to holidays or studio closure on our website and at the studio. Please visit our schedule for the most up to date information on all classes.

Returned Check Policy 

All returned checks are subject to a processing fee of $25. This fee along with the original amount of the check is due within seven business days of the official notification from Power Yoga Of Cape Cod.

Retail Boutique Returns

You may return all retail merchandise within 7 days of purchase, with your receipt and item tag still attached. Music, videos, DVD’s, and mats may be returned within 7 days of purchase if unused or damaged.

*Please be mindful of parking in PYCC designated parking spots or "open spots" which are not designated to any other business.